Fyndiq - the bargain superstore!

Fyndiq is according to The Next Web Europe's 6th fastest growing tech startup. And although we see ourselves as humble rebels we'd like to say that we'll continue growing. In fact, that's for sure, cause we love what a lot of people likes- bargains.

We are developing the one stop bargain superstore of the web and offers our dear customers hundred of thousands of products with help of our beloved merchants who use Fyndiq as sales channel.

We haven't been around that long. Fyndiq was founded back in 2010 and during the time up till now we have conquered Sweden and started the work to spread the bargain shopping fever across Europe.

Our team consists of approx 80 brilliant left and right brains who daily enjoy the creative freedom juice, served sparkling every day. We also have coffee.

Workplace and Culture

Fyndiq is a place with diversity and differences, we have people from Hedemora and Bangalore working here. What we have in common is our appetite for creating new ways of working and joy of working in teams. A Fyndian is as well comfortable with the uncomfortable-ness and strives to reach goals together with the team. As long as it's not a FIFA tournament, then teamwork is out of the question.

In the end of March we'll pack our Post it's and pingpong paddles and move in to the new tailored Fyndian castle close to Fridhemsplan. And we have a few, white shining desks available. So whether you're a marketing genius, code unikum or service star we'd like to hear from you. So someone can put their cup of coffee on one of those desks and call it workplace.